Wine Quality Consultants

Winemaking and technical services to the wine industry

Wine Quality Consultants, headed by Loftie Ellis who has been involved with the wine industry for nearly thirty years and with a group of expert oenologists, can tackle any winemaking challenge in the industry.

We observe several of the technical problems in the industry with his support services and can identify and give advice for any situation.

Our main focus is on quality assessment of wines before bottling as well as selection of wines for specific styles. WQC will supply you with a report on the quality and filtration requirements before bottling. We make recommendations for fining and final adjustments of your wines to ensure good long term stability and quality.


We offer a broad spectrum of speciality services that is very rare to come by in the wine industry.

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Problem solving

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Quality Control

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Cellar planning

Our Story

Years of knowledge for the benefit of the industry

Our office and laboratory is in Stellenbosch. However we are willing to help you at your own cellar.

Besides technical skills that have been honed through years of experience, WQC can also make wines on order for individual brands. Tonnages vary from 2 tons (about 1500 bottles) to many tons. We can also source wine for your purpose.

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At all stages of winemaking we aim to use as little chemicals as possible.

Wine good for your health

We aim towards using as little chemicals as possible, and to reduce carcinigens and histamines that may form during the natural fermentation process.

100% Organic

Organic wines have made great strides, but it involves a lot of skill that we can help with.